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Cookies are files with pieces of information that are stored on the device which you entered the site (personal computer, smartphone, tablet, TV), that simplifies the use of content and improves the service.

CB.CASH website uses its own cookies and third parties that augment the quality of the web-resource, allow you to control and track the path of users, determining what information is useful and what is not, thereby improving site navigation.

Cookies do not harm the computer in any way. They augment the quality of the services provided. Some are necessary for the stable operation of web pages (technical and user settings), performance improvement, behavioural analysis of users.

There are two types of cookies: Permanent and Temporary. Temporary cookies store data throughout the current session during the use of the website and are deleted when the browser is closed. Permanent cookies are stored on the drive C and used when you visit the website again. They are deleted after several months automatically.


The user can himself allow, block or delete cookies in the browser settings. Please note, some services do not work properly with disabled cookies. Each browser has a different way to disable cookies, but as a rule, the desired item is in the menu "Tools" or "Options". What kind of cookies use on this website, you can choose manually. In the section "Help" in the browser there is a step by step guide.


For correct operation of the site, depending on the purpose of data processing, the following types of cookies are used:

  • Technical cookies: allow the user to navigate the web page, use various parameters or services, for example, to manage traffic and data exchange. They identify the session and allow you to operate with restricted access to items.
  • Analytics Cookies: allow to track user behavior. The information obtained is used to analyze the activity of the website and improve navigation.
  • Cookies settings: provide users access to some common functions, combined a number of criteria (for example, language, browser type, etc.).
  • Behavioral advertising cookies: store information about user behavior gained through tracking visits and browsing the website. Allow you to customize ads based on the obtained data.
  • Social network cookies: are used to interact with popular social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and are sent only to registered users. Terms of use this type of cookie is obtained and analysts are governed by the privacy policy of a particular social network.
  • Advertising cookies: allow the most effective management of advertising blocks.

The website uses the following types of cookies:


Cookies Appointment Link
Technical Cookies Manage navigation on the content of the website, allowing you to safely identify user sessions. ---
Cookies settings Improve the work of users, saving individual parameters (language, preferences in navigation). ---


Cookies Appointment Link
Google Analytics CB.CASH resource uses the web analytics of the Google Analytics service. Cookies with information about the use of the site, including the IP-addresses of users, are transmitted and stored on Google servers. Used in the evaluation and analysis of the use of the site. Look here
Clicky Clicky is a structured system for conducting analytics and obtaining statistics about the resource usage CB.CASH. Belongs to Roxr Software Ltd (4868, Se Harrison St Milwaukie, Oregon, 97222-5275, USA). It shows information about the behavior of visitors in real time Look here
ZenDesk Zendesk uses high-tech software based on cloud technologies. Company Zendesk International Ltd (1019 Market St., San Francisco, CA, 94103, USA). Look here
Youtube YouTube allows share links on the website. To information managed outside of You Tube is subject to third-party resource privacy policies.Click here Look here
Google Plus Google Plus allows share links on the website. To information managed outside of Google Plus is subject to third-party resource privacy policies. Look here
Facebook Facebook provides buttons and other functions to share links from your personal profile on the website. Information that is used outside of Facebook is subject to third-party resource privacy policies. Look here
Twitter Twitter provides buttons and other functions to share links from your personal profile on the website. Information that is used outside of Twitter is subject to third-party resource privacy policies Look here

CB.CASH is not responsible for the content and validity of the third-party privacy policy provided for in this cookie policy.

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